What is our gender focus

SHDF-TAS has sensitivity towards women. This came after the realisation that women, particularly those in rural areas were disadvantaged in many ways. In the past few years, husbands and sons have flocked to cities and to the region to work, leaving women to tend to families with little or no financial support from them. Also due to some customary laws and practices, very few women in Zimbabwe own assets such as land or cattle. As a result, SHDF-TAS activities focus on women to develop their capacity to address the factors that keep them chained to a life of poverty. Men are also welcome in our activities as they are key stakeholders in society and their support and participation leads to a better working relationship.

Over 250,000 savings club members (97% of them women) have been reached since the establishment of the organisation in 1963. The women were equipped with business management, Technical and marketing skills through the various trainings that were conducted by SHDF in the communities. 2160 women from Matabeleland, Midlands and Masvingo provinces were trained on their…
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