What do we do


SHDF is a capacity building organization and a social enterprise which, since 1963, works hands on for the development of women and communities through the promotion of self-reliance. 80% of our members are in the rural areas, with 20% in the urban areas. Of the 20 000 club members, 97% are female. We equip our members with requisite life skills in the following areas; savings management, technical skills, project management, women’s rights & leadership, among others. Furthermore, we capacitate women to meaningfully participate in the decision making and democratization processes of Zimbabwe.

We equip savings club members with the necessary skills and training to emancipate them from the constraints of poverty. We also train members in order to wean them from subsistence activities into viable enterprises through training and advisory services. This is done chiefly to gain financial independence and promote a healthy standard of living where school fees, clothing and other basic necessities are available in adequate measures and when needed. Furthermore, we build the capacities of women leaders in the community to participate meaningfully in decision-making processes in their communities and to lobby for services they require for the sustainability and enhanced viability of their enterprises.