Vision, mission, values


Economically independent grassroots women influencing sustainable development in their communities.


SHDF mobilizes communities into savings clubs and promotes viable enterprises, financial literacy and inclusion; facilitates knowledge generation, sharing and management; grooms women’s leadership, advocates for women’s rights and fosters stakeholder engagement.


  • Savings philosophy
  • Integrity
  • Group orientation
  • Self reliance
  • Autonomy
  • Women-driven

Our Objectives

a) To promote the economic and social development of disadvantaged persons in Zimbabwe, both rural and urban, through financial and technical support for self-help programmes and small enterprises.
b) To disseminate information to the public about self-help schemes and development and management of small enterprises.
c) To set up savings clubs for low-income persons and to extend loans to savings clubs for viable self-help projects on such terms and conditions that may be prescribed from time to time by the Foundation.
d) To advise savings clubs on how to invest their savings to secure good rates of interest.
e) To provide consultative and advisory services to persons who have established self-help schemes and small enterprises.
f) To provide training and advisory services and to carry out training programmes for persons intending to establish or persons who have already established self-help schemes or small enterprises, on project management, technical skills and credit management to ensure the sustainability of those schemes.

g) To carry out research into self-help programmes in order to find ways of sustaining and strengthening such programmes.
h) To disseminate information to the public about the facilities offered by and activities of Self Help Development Foundation

Logo Explanation

SHDF logo for facebook

‘Helping Hands’– The three women in the logo are capacitated to help each other and this shows unity and togetherness; values which have been ingrained in the organisation since its inception.

Orange colour – symbolises the warmth and friendship that the women derive from their clubs.

Green colour – symbolises life derived from livelihood and sustenance activities run within the club.

Our Brand promise / Motto – Building Women’s Capacities.